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Reflective road paint is what makes those lines on the road glow at night or in low light. You’ll find it all over, including in places like British Columbia’s Lower Mainland. Here’s the scoop on how it works:

  1. Glass Beads: Reflective road paint includes tiny glass beads. They mix these beads into the paint while it’s still wet. As it dries, the beads stick out a bit. They’re like little mirrors that bounce back light, especially from headlights.
  2. Special Tech: The glass beads aren’t just regular glass. They get a special coating that makes them super reflective. This coating helps direct the light right back at you, making those road lines easy to see.
  3. Where They Go: When they put down reflective paint, they make sure the glass beads are spread out evenly. This way, you get consistent reflectivity all over the road, even in places like the Lower Mainland where weather can be tricky.
  4. Tough Stuff: The paint used for this job needs to be tough. It has to handle traffic and weather, so it’s designed to last and keep reflecting light.
  5. Keep It Up: To make sure the road lines stay bright, they do regular maintenance. They’ll repaint and refresh them, so they’re always visible.
  6. Look Straight: The paint works best when the light (like from headlights) hits it straight on. That way, it bounces right back to your eyes, making driving safer.

So, next time you’re driving at night in the Metro Vancouver, and Fraser Valley, you can thank those glass beads for helping you see the road clearly!

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