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As we acknowledge our ties with First Nations Lands, Infinite Road Marking believes in the power of communities’ ties and impactful measurable actions. In collaboration with the First Nations, our annual Indigenous Markings Grant is accepting proposals to assist in reanimating existing lines or providing impactful road art to Indigenous roadways or community projects.

Our goal is to enrich the community through visual safety by applying vibrant colours or impactful designs. Road designs include symbols to promote waterway awareness, direct the traveling public or excite the use of safe passages.

If you have an initiative that would directly support First Nations and would benefit from this service grant, please submit your proposal to Service Grant has no monetary value as Infinite Road Marking will be supplying the labour, material and equipment towards the project. The value of services is available up to $20,000.00 and are to support Indigenous-led initiatives that support tangible positive outcomes. Please submit your proposal between January 1st to July 31st (annually). Applications will be reviewed internally, and the successful application will be announced by August 10th annually.

Infinite Road Marking provides one-time grant to Indigenous-led organizations such as Band Councils, Indigenous Governments or representative groups, community groups and non-profits. Non-Indigenous-led organizations can apply if they demonstrate a clear and tangible relationship with an Indigenous organization and have documented support from an Indigenous-led organization or community.

Grant funding focus:

  • Community safety
  • Preservation of lands and waterways
  • Revitalization of community road markings

Funding guidelines:

  • Must support the First Nation band lands or contribute to a First Nation owned community facility or residential complex;
  • If applicable, must contain original First Nation artwork by a First Nations Artist;
  • Must compile with the governing road marking regulations;
  • Location must be within our service areas;
  • Must be completed in the year of the application; and
  • Have not received funding in the last three years.

Required Documents:

  • Grant Application Form;
  • Written proposal outlining the project positive impacts and requirements;
  • Map including scale and measurement along with address; and
  • Proof of ties to an Indigenous organization (Partnership will be required to produce an agreement).

Please note: Applying for the fund does not guarantee that an applicant will receive funding.

Requests ineligible for funding:

  • For-profit initiatives
  • Religious-focused projects or organizations
  • Sponsorship requests
  • Sole proprietorship applicants
  • Lobbying
  • Projects that operate outside of Canada, British Columbia or Infinite’s servicing regions.
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