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Wet Night High Visibility Pavement Markings

This innovative approach involves the installation of wet night high visibility markings through various methods, including profiling, incorporating agglomerate patterns, or embedding highly reflective ceramic elements directly into the pavement lines. These application processes are designed to allow rain to flow through the road lines or to refract light when saturated with water, ensuring optimal performance in adverse weather conditions. Our wet night high visibility pavement markings offer versatility in installation, as they can be applied using either thermoplastic or MMA (Methyl Methacrylate).

Why use wet reflective pavement marking?

Enhanced Visibility in Wet Conditions:

Rain and wet road surfaces can reduce visibility, making it challenging for drivers to see traditional road markings. Wet Night High Visibility Pavement Markings, with their retroreflective properties, remain highly visible in these conditions, helping drivers stay in their lanes and navigate the road safely.

Improved Nighttime Visibility:

Rainy conditions can further reduce visibility at night. Wet Night High Visibility Pavement Markings enhance visibility during nighttime, making it easier for drivers to see the road markings and navigate the road effectively.

Infinite Road Marking offers expert wet night high visibility pavement marking services in British Columbia and Alberta.
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