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Longitudinal and conventional highway painting

At Infinite, we take great pride in providing MoTI (Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure) specification longitudinal line marking services in British Columbia and Alberta. We have a extensive fleet of specialized marking trucks, each equipped with cutting-edge camera guidance systems.

What is MoTI specification longitudinal line marking?

MoTI (Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure) specification longitudinal line marking refers to road markings that adhere to specific guidelines and standards set by the relevant transportation authority. These markings are typically used to enhance road safety, improve traffic flow, and provide clear visual guidance to drivers. Examples of MoTI specification longitudinal line marking include:

Lane Division:

Lane markings are used to separate and define individual lanes, ensuring orderly and safe traffic flow. They help drivers maintain proper lane positioning, especially in multi-lane roads and highways.


Centerlines are typically painted in yellow and are used to divide opposing lanes of traffic. They provide a clear visual reference for drivers and help reduce the risk of head-on collisions.

Arrows and Symbols:

Arrows and symbols are used to convey specific messages to drivers. For example, directional arrows indicate the proper path for turning or changing lanes, while symbols such as stop lines and yield lines indicate traffic control requirements.

Edge Lines:

Edge lines are painted along the outer edges of roadways and indicate the boundary between the travel lanes and the shoulder. They assist drivers in maintaining their position on the road and provide a clear indication of where the pavement ends.

Stop Lines:

These lines are painted across the roadway at intersections to indicate where vehicles should come to a complete stop in compliance with traffic signals or stop signs.

Yield Lines:

Yield lines, often accompanied by yield signs, indicate where drivers should yield the right-of-way to oncoming traffic or pedestrians.

Temporary Road Markers and Detour Guidance

Infinite Road Marking provides cost effective solutions for implementing temporary road markers and detour guidance in diverse traffic management situations.

Other Road Markings

Road marking, on the other hand, encompasses a broader range of markings beyond lines. It includes the application of various symbols, words, and patterns to convey specific information and regulatory instructions.

Bicycle Lanes:

Bicycle lanes are designated areas on roadways exclusively for cyclists. They are marked with specific symbols and lines, usually colored with green MMA to differentiate them from vehicle lanes and provide a dedicated space for cyclists.

Pedestrian Crossings:

These markings are used to identify designated areas for pedestrians to cross the road safely. They typically consist of zebra markings, pride crosswalk, rainbow crosswalk, or share use path.

School Zones:

Markings and signs are used to designate areas near schools where reduced speed limits and increased caution are required to ensure the safety of students.

BC Bike Lane Road Marking

Parking Lot Markings

Our parking lot markings services include parking spaces, handicap parking spaces, loading zones, and other designations to ensure orderly parking and traffic flow within parking lots. The initial phase involves planning the layout and design of the parking lot markings. This includes determining the size and dimensions of parking spaces, the arrangement of traffic lanes, and the positioning of pedestrian crosswalks. Compliance with local regulations, accessibility requirements, and the specific needs of the parking lot are taken into consideration.

Surface Preparation and Measuring:

Prior to painting, proper surface preparation is essential. This involves thoroughly cleaning the parking lot surface, to remove debris, dirt, and loose materials. Existing faded or damaged markings may also need to be removed or covered. Accurate measurements and markings are crucial for achieving precise and uniform parking spaces and other designated areas. Measuring wheels, strings, or chalk lines are used to outline the intended locations of the markings.

Line, Symbol and Sign Painting on Parking Lots:

The actual painting of the parking lot lines is typically accomplished using specialized equipment such as line striping machines. These machines facilitate consistent line width and ensure professional-quality results. Solvent-based paints or thermoplastic are commonly used for parking lot striping, with careful attention paid to aligning the markings with the design specifications. In addition to lines, symbols and signs play a vital role in parking lot painting. These can include arrows indicating traffic flow, handicapped symbols for accessible parking spaces, stop signs, and other necessary markings. Stencils or templates are often utilized to ensure precise application and uniformity.

After the paint is applied, sufficient drying and curing time is necessary. This allows the paint to adhere properly to the surface and become durable. Drying times can vary based on factors such as the type of paint used and environmental conditions like temperature and humidity. During this period, it is crucial to restrict vehicle and pedestrian traffic to prevent smudging or damage to the fresh paint.

Parking Lot Marking in Abbotsford

Maintenance and Repainting

All road markings are subject to wear and tear due to factors such as traffic volume, weather conditions, and road maintenance activities. Regular inspection and maintenance are essential to ensure that markings remain visible and effective. Faded or damaged markings should be repainted or replaced promptly to maintain optimal safety and guidance for drivers.

We specialize in providing comprehensive maintenance solutions for all your road marking and line painting needs. Our experienced team is equipped to handle various tasks, including refreshing faded markings, repainting lines, and ensuring the visibility and clarity of all essential road markings. Whether it’s parking lot lines, highway striping, or pavement markings, we’ve got you covered.

If you are interested in our road marking and line painting services in BC and Alberta, please don’t hesitate to get a free quote from us. We’re here to provide you with exceptional solutions tailored to your needs.

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